Our mission

Torus Solutions comprises an international team of blockchain enthusiasts and experts, most of which have been active in this industry since its early beginnings. Since the advent of Bitcoin, the crowdfunding of the Ethereum project, and the rise of Initial Coin Offerings - we were there to witness a small and marginal community of committed evangelists develop into one of the most rapidly growing sectors in the tech industry.

This phenomenal growth has been fueled by groundbreaking technologies, second only to the protocols governing the Internet itself. However, more than by technology, the development of the blockchain industry has been driven by a vision of hope. Hope for a future of progress, international cooperation, personal integrity, and freedom. This great promise is what has initially gathered us from all corners of the globe under the wings of Torus Solutions and what remains to serve us as a beacon.
We firmly believe that Distributed Ledger Technology and its future progenies bear the potential to deliver on this promise and redirect the course of human history for the better - be it in terms of new means of collaboration and problem solving, participatory business models, or a more inclusive, leveled economic playing field.
Nevertheless, just as any other major human endeavour, this vision of hope will not be able to survive without stories, narratives, and clear messages. Technological advancement alone will not redeem humanity without the evangelists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries being able to explain themselves and rightfully gain the trust and support of their contemporaries.

Creating this bridge between the Technological Avant-Garde of the blockchain movement and the general public is our mission: to communicate the ideas that will shape the future, to make the incomprehensible self-evident, and to make the abstract tangible, and while doing so - lead our clients towards success.

We regard our customers as partners on this journey. Our commitment to the blockchain ecosystem as a catalyst for social and economic progress drives us to work as an organic part of their teams - sharing their beliefs, insights, and aspirations.
Occupying this position is both a great responsibility and a delight, and we treat our daily work accordingly. From our headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia, Torus Solutions operates an international network of industry experts to provide the most innovative teams from around the world with the guidance and services needed to succeed in the cryptoverse - for the benefit of their users, stakeholders, communities, and if we may, the human family as a whole.